D-Link DSB-V100 for Win98/­Me/­2000 pilote télécharger gratuitement (ver. 102901)

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Caméras USB
Marque D-Link
Exploitation Systèmes Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98
Version 102901
Fichier taille 282 Kb
Libéré 2016.07.07
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The D-Link DSB-V100 is a USB Digital Capture Device that allows a standard VHS camcorder to be connected to a PC.­ With both S-Jack and RCA video input,­ the DSB-V100 allows the video stream from a video camcorder,­ VHS or Television to be directly provided to the USB Bus.­ The unit simply attaches via a standard USB type A connector to a PC or downstream USB hub.­ The DSB-V100 ships complete,­ providing the necessary hardware and software for a user to begin making digital videos immediately.­ Software is included with the unit to record digital video directly to a PCs hard drive,­ record digital video for attachment to an email,­ capture still frames,­ and set up motion-sensing video recording.­ An AC adapter is not necessary,­ the DSB-V100 draws power directly from the USB bus making it ideal for use with a laptop or other portable computer.­

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